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Sneak Peek at the Hidden Forest Studio

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Did a few quick shots of our Hidden Forest Healing Space. This gleaming floor with beautiful swirls is made out of cork. It is cushioned, warm, appealing to the eyes and has calming energy. For the washroom we used left-over … Continue reading

What is New?

Added morninEnergy Fieldg classes

9:30 amĀ  – Energy Yoga


Includes elements of Qigong, secret vedic types of breathing and movements to increase the density of your energy field and stabilize emotional balance.

Good or Bad or about Surprises

Have you ever seen fireflies in the forest? We’ve begun to see so many of them! And it’s absolutely magical to watch them fly. Just imagine – you, a fire, cup of tea and fireflies around you. And since June 21st is going to be a magical solstice night, we will use it for a night of burning our regrets in the fire.

Fireflies at Hidden Forest Studio

Fireflies at Hidden Forest Studio

7:00 pm – Energy Yoga to prepare our minds for release

8:30 pm – Let the Fire Burn!

You were probably wondering why I titled this post ‘Good or Bad or about Surprises’? Well, I always tell everyone that any fact can be interpreted by your own perception in either a good or bad way. And there is always a surprise in there. The bad part is that we were planning to do a retreat on this date with Crystal Bowl sound meditation by Diana Atherton-Davis. Unfortunately, she injured her back. The good part is that there is always an element of surprise that can fix everything!

Investment is $20, for contacting please, either text to 416-277-5432

or email snejulya(at)