Sneak Peek at the Hidden Forest Studio

Did a few quick shots of our Hidden Forest Healing Space.

Hidden Forest Yoga Studio Space

Studio Space

This gleaming floor with beautiful swirls is made out of cork. It is cushioned, warm, appealing to the eyes and has calming energy.

For the washroom we used left-over tiles of different sizes. For the countertop in the washroom we cut reclaimed piece of black walnut and

Hidden Forest Stduio Washroom


planed it to see the beautiful natural colors of the wood. We put a few coats of bee’s wax and varnish to preserve the wood from the water damage.

Behind the Studio we started Spiral Labyrinth. If you feel lost or your thoughts are rushing through your head, please come by and keep our Labyrinth going.

Spiral Labyrinth behind Hidden Forest Yoga Studio

Spiral Labyrinth

Cozy Blankets at Hidden Forest Studio for your Savasana Time of Thai Yoga Massage

Cozy Blankets for your Savasana

The View from one of the Windows at Hidden Forest Yoga Studio

The View from one of the windows

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