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If your work requires a lot of standing

Plantar Fascia

Drawing of Plantar Fascia: yellow – ligaments, purple – plantar fascia

If your work requires a lot of standing or walking a foot here, two there, turning around, then this variation of Vajrasana (or Virasana, or Hero pose) is for you. This is for people who have issues with their feet such as swelling, pain in feet after work, pain in heels, etc. This can also be applied to runners, especially the ones who strike the ground with their heels.  Most likely the back of the legs are very tight and it affects the major train of fascia that runs at the back of the body.

If this is not looked after then it could lead to Plantar Fasciitis, if it is not there already. Let’s take a look at why and how modified Vajrasana can help in this case. Let’s get into the pose, but with a different approach. Let’s curl our toes under and sit on our heels.

stretching plantar fascia

Modified Vajrasana

If it is absolutely impossible to lower your buttocks to your heels then place a rolled towel between your calves and thighs to create some space so you can relax into the pose (even though I have never heard anybody who could possibly be relaxed in this pose).

Please, don’t sit in this pose longer than 4-5 minutes. When you finish gently (and this is important, because joints become truly fragile when you stretch them close to 5 minutes!) rock forward into tabletop position and tap your toes off the floor like crazy.

After this you can get into Adho Mukho Svanasana and/or Prasarita Padatonasana (and sankrit spelling really varies from book-to-book).

Adho Mukha Svasana and Prasarita Padotannasana

Adho Mukha Svasana and Prasarita Padatonnasana





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Shoulders and Yoga – 100% that you DON’T know that you are ruining your shoulders

Shoulder Clinic Workshop at a glance

shoulder anatomy diagramIdentifying how much the joint is open and points of work

Meditation with Unwinding technique

Dangerous Yoga for injured shoulder poses and how to modify them to make these poses beneficial for you

meridian map

meridian map

Stretching along Meridians: Heart, Lung and Pericardium

Strengthening all of the areas around shoulder joint

Posture, posture, posture and POSTURE

Homeopathic movements’ technique

Including Yin Yoga poses

Complimentary Yoga Class and Raw Food Potluck at Hidden Forest in King City

Oh, yes, we got the date – July 27th!  11 am  –  Complimentary Yoga Class and 12 pm – Raw Food Potluck. Cross your fingers for the weather above our property, because we want to do everything outside!

The rules are very simple – come for Yoga class (if you like) and/or come to the

dandilaions at Hidden Forest

What you can eat from your backyard

Potluck with the Raw Food dish that is enough for 20 people to taste. Like us on Facebook to stay tuned with the updates on this event and to RSVP, because we are going to have some surprises and place is limited. The first one is related to Nourish Restaurant and Cafe

Bring your plate, fork and spoon (who knows, may be there will be some soup?). If you have no idea what to bring just search the Internet or buy from reliable sources such as Nourish, Rawlicious or Nature’s Emporium.

Your investment – $5

Face Yoga & etc. at a Glance (workshop at Hidden Forest Studio)

Face Restore with Yoga etc.

Facial nerves

Opening meditation to discover the areas of work in the face

Checking major nervous branches in the facial area and releasing nervous clamps with the vedic methods of self sacral cranial manual techniques

Finding scull holes, opening them up and moving the bones to the original places in order to restore the blood flow, to release nervous unbalances and release pressure in the scull

Face Muscles Diagram

Facial Muscles diagram by Frank Netter

Working the base of the neck – releasing tension, creating space between vertebraes, lengthening the neck, opening shoulders and chest

After releasing the nerves, muscles and spine at the base of the neck working with the facial muscles including Yoga for the face and other types of facial movements

Including emotional component for releasing facial tension – Forgiveness Meditation (Make sure to prepare a major wish to use released energy)

Virasana Pose

Virasana or Vajrasana

Virasana or Vajrasana

If this pose looks pretty simple to you, then your eyes deceive you. Although it may seem like this pose is one that lets you relax on your knees, it actually requires much flexibility from the ankles, thighs and hip flexors. You are indeed a hero if you can master this pose delicately without feeling pain eventually, but not all warriors feel pain. As its name indicates, vira, meaning ‘hero’ and sana, meaning posture, the hero pose will lead you to become a conqueror of your own mind, bring to it a sense of peace and tranquility, and master the conflicts in your mind. When you are in this pose, it is important to elongate not only your spine but also your neck, your chin and your sense of understanding with both yourself and the world. Now relax and take a deep breath as you envision yourself freeing your mind from desire.

This pose stimulates Vajra Nadi, activates prana in Shushumna and redirects sexual energy for spiritual purposes. Vajra Nadi is located within Sushumna.

Not recommended to perform right after prolonged kneeling poses. The best preceding poses would be standing such as Vrksasana (Tree pose), Trikonasana (Triangle pose) and any variation of Virabhadrasana (Varrior poses).

The best pose to get right after is Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog pose) or Prasarita Padotanasana (Standing forward bend pose)


Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

sequencing is as per dowsing



Face Yoga Workshop

Benefits of Face Yoga:

Tension release. Very often tension in the face is related to headaches, TMJ syndrome, problem with teeth, etc.  When we grow up we find out that we have to have a serious look on our face. Contracting facial muscles without an appropriate reason sends wrong signals to the nervous system which acts on

Face Yoga Hidden Forest Workshop

Face Yoga

placing nervous blocks into unnecessary places.

Pain release. The first sign that the person is in pain is their face grimace. The first step to release the pain is to relax this area.

Beautifying face. Since the blood circulation gets better, it helps to fill the muscles of the face with more nourishment from the inside. The skin becomes smoother, wrinkles melt, blemishes lighten up, eyes open and eyebrow-hanging skin, lip corners and neck lift up. These are just several advantages!

Calm your face – calm your mind. If you are able to relax your face at your will you are able to concentrate on anything that you need a lot faster.

Disappearance of major facial issues. Nervous ticks are easily removed with this type of Yoga, even the ones that have bothered you for years.

Neck/upper back release. Most of the major issues with the neck are easily treatable with Face Yoga and as a result, provide better posture, better circulation, better eyesight and more.

July Workshop Schedule

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm we are going to have workshops related to healing. July list of Wednesday Workshops at Hidden Forest Studio:

July 2 – Feet Healing Yoga

July 9 – Mandala Construction (Mathematical and Psychological)

July 16 – Face Yoga (recommended for public speakers) as well as for women above 30 years old

July 23 – Shoulder Clinic (How you should and shouldn’t practice Yoga with shoulder injuries)

July 30 – Supported Headstands in Yoga

If you have any requests for upcoming workshops, please post your comments to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE us first 🙂