If you decide to work on your face

What type of activities do you have to look at when you decide to make your face beautiful?

Let’s list all of the steps that we usually go through during our Mini Retreats/Workshops :

HairwhorlMeasuring Hair whorl, how far is it from normal state and how to correct it

Opening meditation to discover the areas of work in the face

Releasing nervous clamps to free up blood flow to the facial muscles

FaceFace Yoga and special exercises for the facial muscles to improve circulation and prepare the face for the work with the honey

Yoga session designed specifically for the postural alignment, head, neck, upper back release, as well as working on the major train of fascia and feet

Relearning how to walk properly

Lunch at Hidden Forest Studio from Nourish Restaurant and Cafe

Lunch at Hidden Forest Studio brought by Nourish Restaurant and Cafe

Raw lunch outside (weather permitting)

Identifying your areas of work, the levels of severity of wrinkles or other face abnormalities

Learning raw honey techniques with the face, letting honey to get absorbed and release toxins, get rid of dead cells and regenerate,

Forgiveness Meditation designed to let go the negative emotions that are printed on the face


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