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7 Office Yoga Poses

These 7 Yoga Office Poses could be done in any of the workplace environment.  None of them will freak out your colleagues  and your boss will be extremely happy with your performance. This simple Corporate Yoga sequence will also allow you to release some aches from shoulders, wrists and lower back, as well as simply take a 3 minute break and boost your energy level.

If you have any questions just enter them into Comments section below.

Eating by Nature in Winter Time

White Eastern Pine Just recently I read a few posts that people fast on juices these days. And they drink juices made out of oranges, watermelons and other tropical fruits. But let’s think.

We live in Canada. It is winter now. Nature already prepared everything for us. If you look around in the forest you definitely will not miss pine trees. They are tall, beautiful and have very long needles. These needles are loaded with Vitamin C and A. Half a cup of crushed needles will simply substitute one full lemon by Vitamin C content. And here are some recipes for you:

Pine buds – just eat them raw. They are the most powerful in winter time, boost immune system, help with any type of respiratory illnesses

Pine needles raw – chew up into a ball and clean your teeth instead of toothpaste

Pine needles tea – ½ cup of crushed needles for two cups of nearly boiling water. I prefer not to simmer it. Simply poor it into thermos and let it sit for at least half an hour. You don’t need to drain it. If you like add some honey or cinnamon. This drink is full of vitamins C and A as well as of other important micro elements. If you have any other recipes, please, write them in the comments, this will make me very happy!

And now don’t forget to check our January events:

Winter Wonderland Retreat – Jan.24

Face Workshop – Wed. Jan 28 at 7 pm and Fri. Jan.30th at 10 am

Simple Raw Dishes in 10 minutes! 2 hours workshop – Jan 31 at 3 pm

Spaces fill out quickly.

Call us at 416-277-5432 or email

Winter Wonderland Retreat at King City

Winter Wonderland at Hidden Forest StudioAnd yes, Jane and Garry are putting together another unique retreat on January 24th! Everyone who wants to understand more about wild foods and what’s available in winter should come, this will be a very special day. Garry Tibbo will walk you through the forest showing what is good to eat now, in winter time and why.

Jane, on the other hand, will demonstrate how simple movements from ancient Yoga and breath exercises from Siberia affect the work of your cardiovascular system proving it to you with the measurements of your blood pressure and heart rate before and after. Also, you will be lead through Jane’s famous Forgiveness Meditation where your subconscious brings to the surface everything that you were holding for decades. Watch your aura’s radius going beyond the levels you have ever been before since your aura will be entrained by Jane’s. Feel the difference between the talk and the real practice seeing real results!

We will serve you hot vegan lunch before the forest walk and hot soup right after the walk. Jane is so excited to work on the menu and Garry is going to bake bread out of the bark.

For the registration contact either Garry at, 416-709-3535 or Jane at, 416-277-5432.

Cost $135 (if you register before January 10, receive $20 off )

And tshhhh…The retreat day is Garry’s birthday 🙂

July Workshop Schedule

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm we are going to have workshops related to healing. July list of Wednesday Workshops at Hidden Forest Studio:

July 2 – Feet Healing Yoga

July 9 – Mandala Construction (Mathematical and Psychological)

July 16 – Face Yoga (recommended for public speakers) as well as for women above 30 years old

July 23 – Shoulder Clinic (How you should and shouldn’t practice Yoga with shoulder injuries)

July 30 – Supported Headstands in Yoga

If you have any requests for upcoming workshops, please post your comments to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE us first 🙂


Sneak Peek at the Hidden Forest Studio

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Did a few quick shots of our Hidden Forest Healing Space. This gleaming floor with beautiful swirls is made out of cork. It is cushioned, warm, appealing to the eyes and has calming energy. For the washroom we used left-over … Continue reading

What is New?

Added morninEnergy Fieldg classes

9:30 am  – Energy Yoga


Includes elements of Qigong, secret vedic types of breathing and movements to increase the density of your energy field and stabilize emotional balance.

Good or Bad or about Surprises

Have you ever seen fireflies in the forest? We’ve begun to see so many of them! And it’s absolutely magical to watch them fly. Just imagine – you, a fire, cup of tea and fireflies around you. And since June 21st is going to be a magical solstice night, we will use it for a night of burning our regrets in the fire.

Fireflies at Hidden Forest Studio

Fireflies at Hidden Forest Studio

7:00 pm – Energy Yoga to prepare our minds for release

8:30 pm – Let the Fire Burn!

You were probably wondering why I titled this post ‘Good or Bad or about Surprises’? Well, I always tell everyone that any fact can be interpreted by your own perception in either a good or bad way. And there is always a surprise in there. The bad part is that we were planning to do a retreat on this date with Crystal Bowl sound meditation by Diana Atherton-Davis. Unfortunately, she injured her back. The good part is that there is always an element of surprise that can fix everything!

Investment is $20, for contacting please, either text to 416-277-5432

or email snejulya(at)

York Region Raw Food Potluck

Let’s get back together for the potluck. We didn’t have it for a while. Since I have the space now, we can take over my brand new Yoga Studio and 6 acres of forest!

Yes, we eat them too!

Yes, we eat them too!

What could be better?

Here are the dates I have available for us to pick. Please, choose what is more desirable for you:

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No classes tomorrow, but will discount next one :)

Yay, so excited to say that I am going to Yoga Conference tomorrow! I am participating in the Whole Day workshop and will bring some new tricks with which to torture you. I hope you noticed that we changed the picture for the Studio – no more winter pictures, even the most beautiful ones. Spring is here!

Friday March 28th – no classes, no Thai Yoga Massage, no tea in pretty cups 😦

But the good news – next class is discounted

Shhh…we have opened

Yes, despite the fact that the studio is ready, we are not advertising at full speed yet. We want to know your opinion about the classes that are beneficial for you. Please, let us know which of the classes you would prefer: