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Spring Retreat with Jane and Daye – May 13th, 2017

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Something for everyone – Speaker series, electric car demo’s and driving tests, Yoga for Family, Yoga for Kids, Laughing Yoga





Spirit & Health seminar by Dr. Ted

Date: Sunday, Jan 22nd * Time: 1:30 pm * Cost: By donation

registration by text or phone to 416-277-5432

Human language is insufficient to describe the realities of Spirit. It is a challenging task to describe a content of Spirit and Health discourses, however, I will try my best.

There will be formal topics and reading material to facilitate a conversation about relationship between spiritual and physical health. Some examples of the topics are: Love, Thanksgiving, Reality, Soul and Body, Probation after death, Unreality, Sin, disease, dr-tedand is death Real?

Every time we will be worshiping the Divinity in a very unique and practical way: by our increased understanding of the nature of the Divine and relationships with It.

We are going to take a 14th century chanting technique which is rarely discussed in the West and disassemble it, looking straight into its guts to find out important parts that it is made from. After that we will reassemble it back with a new level of intimate, secretive knowledge and tailor it to each participant individually. This process will enable us to monitor the inner workings of this prayer given to me by the monks of a remote Mediterranean monastery of Mount of Athos many years ago.

The ultimate goal of this discourse will be to learn practically, in a very tangible way, that we are Divine and open ourselves to an avalanche of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Dr. Ted’s Bio:

From the early years of his life, little Teddy was interested in two things: wildflowers and what is going on inside of the human skull. This resulted in his two main obsessions; the first made him work for the National Botanical Garden for a short period and the second came to fruition when he became a medical doctor and neurologist. The decision to become a medical doctor did not come easy as he was hesitating, thinking that the career of the psychologist might be better. After visiting several practicing psychologists and investigating into their modus operandi, the decision was made that psychiatry, or perhaps neurology would be the better choice. After six years of hard studies in the Kiev Medical University, Ukraine, Teddy became Dr. Ted Savchenko M.D. and started working for the Emergency Medical Services of city of Kyiv.

So, he got his personal doctor’s stamp, which he was very proud of, but realized that he did not come closer to understanding how the human brain works. Naturally, the opportunity presented itself and lifelong study began with the course of Neurology and Emergency Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Ted continued to work for the Emergency Medical Services of the city of Kiev in a new capacity of the neurologist. His main specialty was head trauma and acute stroke. This work, which lasted for four years, brought him a lot of happiness and satisfaction watching people recover and remain alive under his care. In the same period, Dr. Ted took a lot of interest in traditional folk medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga, and meditation. He studied homeopathic breathing with the originator of this technique, Dr. Buteiko. Dr. Ted attended the course of Transcendental Meditation and has practiced it for many years since. The four years of studies in Sufi groups added a lot of understanding of human thinking process. He also took an active interest in Christian religion and prayer as a healing modality.

The new chapter of life begins with moving to the Extreme North in the capacity of Chief Medical Officer of the Ukrainian Geographic Expedition to Extreme North. While working there, Doctor Ted took an active interest in the local shamanic practices. After having been frozen to death, he decided then to move to a warmer place and immigrated to Eastern Europe where he established his own Naturopathic Clinic in city of Budapest. In his clinic, Dr. Ted practiced spinal manipulations, homeopathy and energy medicine. The daily prayer became an integral part of his healing practice. Shortly thereafter, several healings of his patients led him to understand that prayer is the most potent healing modality.

Dr. Ted started to actively search for those who practice healing prayer and shortly after immigrated to Canada to become a Christian Science Healer. He continuously studied with his Teacher in the United States from 2000 until 2014. He completed a short course of studies in Early Christianity in Princeton, U.S. and studied spirituality and health relationship in Harvard University. Prayer became his main and only healing practice.

May 15th – Forest Foraging Walk with Dr.Ted Savchenko and Jane Kabarguina

photo(79)Nature is our ultimate source of survival. We distance ourselves from it and then we suffer: mentally, physically, spirituality.
Dr Ted is a healer and outdoorsy person who spent a lifetime learning how to survive in the forest without killing anything. Wild medicinal plants is his lifelong obsession. Jane with degree in mathematics and Yoga Teacher diploma under her belt providing unique outlook at wild raw edibles based on first hand personal experiences.

Your level of vitality will increase manifold after this two will share useful secrets.

Cost: $20 per adult (or parent+child)
RSVP sending text or calling to 416-277-5432

Forgiveness Meditation 8 week course – please, inquire

How to Register: contact Jane and pay the deposit. Space is limited

Jane:  416-277-5432 or by email

Past Events:

Decorating mirror frame in dotted technique painting Mexican lizard


Art Master-Class Mirror Frame Mexican Lizard

You don’t need to be a professional Artist to do this, even 5 year old kids are capable of creating these frames with the guidance of Mariya Blyznyuk and Jane Kabarguina!

We will show you step-by-step how to do these pieces with your family and at the end you will take it home as a reminder how you spent the time with your family.

Date: Friday, April the 8th

Address: 425 Kwapis Blvd., Newmarket L3X3H5

Phone for registration: 647-204-7844
Price: 25CAN from person (or parent with a child), length is 2 hours

April15April 15 – Face Yoga for all ages and genders!

In this truly interactive seminar adults will learn how to make the face alive again, how to get rid of nervous tick, how to release sinus headache pain, how to heal from TMJ problem, how to get rid of some unwanted wrinklesand lip dryness, how to make eyes shiny, how to bring color to the face and the most important – relieve stress from day-to-day life problems.

Kids will learn how to concentrate, how to keep their eyes healthy or what to do with them when they are tired, how to get over shyness, how to breathe when they are hot or cold.

Date: Friday, April 15th
Time: 6 pm
Cost: $20 from Adult or $25 for parent with child
How to Register: Text Jane Kabarguina to phone # 416-277-5432

One Day Spring Retreat with Jane and Dr. Savchenko – June14th

Face Yoga Workshop – Wed. Jan 28 at 7 pm and Fri. Jan.30th at 10 am

January 24th – Winter Wonderland Retreat

November 22  One Day wiRaw Chocolate Apple Pieth Garry Tibbo and Jane Kabarguina

November 8 Workshop – Fixing Your Face or Just Dissolving Your Wrinkles at Functions Studios

November 9th – Workshop – Fixing Your Face or Just Dissolving Your Wrinkles at Hidden Forest Studio

October 18  One Day Retreat – Detox with Yoga, Raw Cooking & Tibetan Honey

October 25  Workshop/Retreat – Detox through Face & Raw Cooking

August 16Face Restore with Tibetan Honey Application and Yoga

Price : $120 +HST

Lunch at Hidden Forest Studio from Nourish Restaurant and Cafe

Lunch at Hidden Forest Studio brought by Nourish Restaurant and Cafe

Raw Lunch is provided.

Arrival 1:30 pm

What is included in the Program:

  • Restoring sensitivity and blood circulation in the face area
  • Self-techniques of sacred cranial manual to restore the shape of the scull in order to free up the space for the normal blood flow as well as to release nerve clamps
  • Evaluation of the face issues
  • Special honey application techniques for each face area to increase the temperature in the skin and in the tissue underneath of the skin area, as well as for the boosting of collagen building, new blood vessels to supply the blood, build new blood vessels, lift hanging skin, remove excessive skin, remove scars, etc.
  • Special face exercises to tone the dead muscles and lift up the hanging skin
  • Cleansing recipe of the candy
  • Special neck exercises to ensure proper spine alignment

Please, be aware of home work

What to bring : Table standing mirror, wide hair band, wet napkins, your favourite cleanser, cotton pads, your favourite drink (tea, freshly squeezed juice, water), yoga mat.

What to wear: bottom – anything, top – t-shirt or tank-top with low neck opening

 To book either call or text at 416-277-5432

or email

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  1. I am just learning of this now and very interested in the June 21st retreat. Are there spots abpavailable and what is the cost. Thank you. Nancy


  2. Yes, the spots are available and you can register either sending us a deposit of $50 or paying in full amount by scrolling up to the words “Contact us early to book your spot.” Just press on the link and it will send you to the site of paying


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