Mental Health Wellness Program

As per Statistics of Canada, In 2012, 1 in 3 Canadians (about 9.1 million people) met the criteria for at least one of the six selected mental or substance use disorders and 2 in 3 people suffer in silence fearing judgment and rejection (Canadian Medical Association)

Most of employees are afraid to talk about their mental problems at the workplace environment. There are good reasons why someone with a mental health problem might not want other people to know. Mental ill health is one of the last taboos.

“Mental health problems and illnesses also account for more than $6 billion in lost productivity costs due to absenteeism and presenteeism.”

           The Mental Health Commission of Canada

We help to promote an understanding of mental health wellness

  • Address the mind/body connection
    •    Provide evidence-based approaches to improving both mental and overall physical wellness
  •   Address coping skills such as:
          •    Stress management techniques (i.e. yoga, breathing exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation)
      Mindfulness, (i.e. “living in the moment”)
    Guilt release
    Setting realistic goals, evaluating different lifestyle choices and techniques that help both body and mind to improve mental health wellness

To find out more details about this program, please, contact us either by email or by phone 416-277-5432


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