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Jane Kabarguina is an inspiring speaker who provides lectures on health-related topics such as eyesight improvement, alternative medicines, and treatment for injuries. The combination of her mathematical background at Siberia’s oldest and most prestigious university–Tomsk State University–coupled with a wide variety of injuries and emotional traumas aided her in finding ways on how to treat bodily diseases that are largely thought to be non-treatable, change one’s mindset in order to do what you love to do, and make possible what we dream about.

No matter the size, Jane motivates each member of her audience to turn their goals into reality, whether they’re a far reach or not. She speaks from the heart, awakening emotional response and willingness to change for the better.

She began giving inspirational talks when she  was 19 after surviving a deadly lung infection and fasting for more than 25 days. Now she is the author of two books and author of countless articles. Her eye twitching article has been translated into atEyeTwitch least 14 languages and read by more than 1,000,000 people around the world.

Jane’s topics of public speaking include but are not limited to:

  • releasing work-related pain
  • improving mental health
  • miracles of breathing
  • healing eyesight naturally
  • boosting intellectual energy and concentration
  • thinking outside the box
  • energy of water and much more

Since Jane spent years in Information Technology she knows how important it is to keep up in a fast-paced environment where the mind is constantly stimulated. This is why she supports mental health initiatives and promotion of a high creativity level for people who work in environments that require a high level of intellectual stimulation.

For more information on Jane’s speaking engagements and other engagement opportunities, please contact:

Phone: 416 277 5432
Email: info@snezha.com

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