Stress Management

No matter what is the cause of the stress the bottom line is – it costs money, losses in the company’s profits, health problems on all of the levels from employees to executives. Even if HR pretends that nothing is happening and the company’s loss is related to poor design, management, engineering solutions, etc. and anything else but stress, the problem will scream about itself when it is almost angry employeeimpossible to fix and costs too much for the company.

Before it is too late check the choices you can make to reverse the damages done by the stress

Programs offered:

  1. Course Program Stress Management Training
  2. Mental Health Wellness Program
  3. Corporate Yoga Stretch for Stress Release
  4. Laugh it off
  5. Mental Art Program for Stress Reduction
  6. NEW! Corporate Stress Release Guided Meditation Program
  7. Lunch-And-Learn Week/Month

All of these programs are designed for the groups of no more than 15 participants in the group, but could be tailored to the individual person’s needs.

Stress Management Programs are offered either at the studio location in the serenity settings or at the corporate environment.

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