Workplace Yoga for Stress Release

Being stressed is unproductive. Being unproductive is stressful. stressed

  • You feel stressed and overwhelmed
  • You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day
  • You miss important deadlines
  • Your boss thinks your incompetent
  • You spend less time with your family

Our Yoga instructors come with years of different Corporate experience such as IT, Law, School Teaching, Administering, etc.

Benefits of introducing Stress Release Yoga to your organization:

  • Helps employees manage stress
  • Increases performance and productivity of staff
  • Improves vitality and energy
  • Reduces pain from work related injuries
  • Better inter-staff relations
  • Improves staff retention
  • Addresses the long-term health of your staff
  • A powerful way to invest in your employee’s health
  • Staff feel valued and morale increases
  • Assists to attract & retain staff

How Does It Work

One of our Yoga Instructors comes to present free Stress Release Yoga Demo class Office YogaOffice Yogaand finds out what exactly is needed by the participants ( tension release areas, mind relaxation, etc.) and suggests particular program

Facility Needs

Open space or conference room with approximately 21 square feet (3 X 7) for each student.

If there is no floor space we will work with what you have and create unique Stress Release Yoga program specifically for your work environment. We have seen it all!

We are the only Yoga Company that guarantees all your money back if our Stress Release Yoga program does not bring any benefits to your company in 10 sessions.

To contact us, please, email at Jane.Kabarguina at

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