April 22nd at 1:30 pm – Honey Detox Massage Hands-on Seminar

Learn the ancient technique that promotes a more rapid and efficient healing process. Raw honey (not the kind you get from a grocery store with added and refined sugar) has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which has been healing people for years. YET, people opt for options such as taking medications, doing surgery, and living with pain because it’s easier than putting in the work of getting rid of that pain.

If you are ready, come join us and learn how to do the exact technique we’ve showed countless others. It…

–       helps to improve healing of arthritis, sprains, and fractures

–       gets rid of scars whether they are from wounds, burns, or acne

–       improves range of motion that was worsened due to calcification of the joints

This happens via drawing out toxins that are buried deep within your body, and come out to the surface of the skin.

Don’t take our word for it though, here’s a short 15 second testimonial from (person’s name), who did it herself, and walked away happy (and painlessly) with her newly acquired knowledge:

We will be performing the technique on the knee as it is the easiest place to learn how to do it correctly, without bruising.

This is perfect for you if:

– You live in York Region/GTA and can get to our studio (300 Spruce Hill Rd., King City)

– You have 1.5 hour to spare on your health on Sunday April 15th 2018

– You’re willing to put in the effort to use a proven method that accelerates healing

– You’ve been trying to find a cost- and time-efficient way to get rid of chronic pain, scars, stretching marks, warts on your feet, tightened up the skin after rapid weight loss and cellulite.

Please, make sure to wear something that will make it easy for you to access your knee.

We are doing it by donation.

Please, contact us by emailing to snejulya at

Feb 25 at 1:30 pm – The Hidden Reason Behind Your Chronic Neck Pain (And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Age) with Jane Kabarguina

In this workshop we go through:

  • why you have chronic neck pain
  • why it keeps coming back
  • the step by step process on how to relieve it
  • long term approaches for how to solve it

Mar 11 at 1:30 pm – Natural Soap Making with Your Hands with Inna Shafir

Cost $ 50.
Duration is 2.5 hours
Various techniques of manufacturing on a class –
1. Two-color soap
2. Soap with loofah
3. soap with inserts
Each participant will receive printed sheets of the soap making process, addresses of suppliers.
Prepayment $ 15 – to the mail – с
 We will use a 100% natural soap base, which is a finished soap from scratch, without adding any detergents. I will tell you more in the lesson. You will take home 6 pieces of high-quality beautiful soap made by your own talented hands.




April 29th, 12:30 pm – Gardener’s with Chronic Pain: You Are Forgetting 1 Essential Tool

You take such good care of your garden that you forget your body requires just as much attention. Learn why you can’t keep ignoring your pain and how to start fixing it.

Address: Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex, 1400 Wellington Street East

Kids_YogaApril 29th 10:30 am – Complimentary Session – Kids Yoga Do You Have The Energy For This Challenge?

Your kids will learn the most important skill that will be used for the rest of their life – the ability to concentrate. During this Yoga class they will playfully explore static and dynamic Yoga poses that will help their bone structure to build into proper anatomical alignment making their spine strong and flexible.

Address: Stronach Aurora Recreation Complex, 1400 Wellington Street East


April 29th 10:30 am – Interactive Workshop Family Yoga

Here’s Your Chance For Family Time

What is the most important in Family Yoga? Is it building the strength, flexibility orcalming mind through breath work after? It is all together and, which is the most important – quality time that will be remembered for the rest of your and your child’s life



Neck/Shoulders and Upper Back Complimentary Class/Workshop – March 5th at 11 am

neck_upperbackDetails: We will learn what we can and what we can’t do with neck problems, looking at different Yoga postures from this perspectives. The firs part is going to be warm up, then we will take a look at neck’s anatomy to gain understanding of neck DON’Ts.

After this we will take a look how do different movements of different extremities and even organs (yes, even movements of organs!) affect the spine via Fascia.

You will learn dynamic and static poses and stretches and will be able to show it at home or to your students (if you are Yoga Instructor).

Past workshops:

Face Yoga Workshop – Wed. Jan 28 at 7 pm and Fri. Jan.30th at 10 am

January 24th – Winter Wonderland Retreat

January 31 at 3 pm- Simple Raw Dishes in 1o minutes! (and Complimentary Yoga Class)

Past Events Details

November 15th No Guilt Raw Sweets for the Holiday Season (Raw cooking workshop)

November 22ndLast 2014 Retreat/Workshop

October 18 – One Day RetreRaw Chocolate Apple PieJanuray 31at Detox with Tibetan Honey & Raw Cooking

October 25 – One Day Workshop/Retreat Detox through Face

  • 10:30- 11:45  am Yoga class (Detox oriented and at the same time designed to release tension in the Face, Neck&Back) 60-75 min
  • 11:45 – 12-45 pm Lymph drainage face massage & Asahi technique (1 hour)
  • RawPasta12:45 – 1:45 pm Raw Cooking ( we will make raw salad, raw burrito, raw spaghetti with Marinara sauce and raw apple pie)
  • 1:45 – 3:00 pm Raw Lunch with everything that we make 🙂
  • 3:00-4:00 pm Walking and Forgiveness Meditation
  • 4:00-5:30 pm Detox through Face Tibetan honey massage

CupRaw snacks & Tea in between activities

Cost: $120 ($20 off for people who are repeating retreat)

How to register: call Jane at 416-277-5432 or email at

August Workshops:

August 6 – Mind Mini-Vacation with essential Oils by Joanne Zadeh $15

August 13 – How to Do Self-Face Massage $20

August 16 – Face Restore with Raw Honey Workshop/Retreat – $120

August 17 – Free Yoga session and Raw Food Potluck – $5

August 20 – Sacred Geometry  – How to Make Mandalas – $20

August 27 – Making facial cream by yourself – $20

To sign up simply email me at snejulya at or call 416-277-5432

Don’t forget to like us at Facebook to get our latest updates!

Past Workshops

July 23rd at  7:30 pm  – Shoulder Clinic with Yoga and Secret Techniques from Siberia

July 16th at 7:30 om – Face, Yoga & etc.

Benefits – release of pressure in the head, tension release, beautifying, wrinkles smoothing, neck/upper back release, calming mind, emotional detox, etc.

July 2 at 7:30 pm – Feet Healing Yoga Workshop

Feet Healing Workshop Hidden Forest

Feet Healing Workshop

  • if you have bunions so huge they ruin your ability to pick a lovely evening shoe,
  • if you have feet flatter than your kitchen counter,
  • if you have varicose veins in your ridiculously swollen feet,
  • if you stand on your feet for too long or not at all during your work day,
  • if you have an infection on one or both of your feet,
  • or if you simply would like
  • a big smile
  • buckets of energy
  • and better posture

Your Investment: $20 or pay what you can

August 16 –

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