About Us

You have an energy that can move your body and your mind through roads only travelled by those who wish to learn the beauty of enlightenment.

There is an entrance to which your feet can take you and the yogic presence in you will take you further. On this path experiences of blue jays, red cardinals, hummingbirds and Hidden Forest Yoga Studiowoodpeckers will be made. During the night you will have the pleasure of witnessing dances of fireflies, conversations led by wolves and the beating of a fire made right in the middle of this beautiful forest.

Inside we have the Hidden Forest Yoga Studio. Your presence is surrounded by dawn and faded candlelight. Scents inhaled are ones of cedar wood, pine fur needle, melon and mango passionfruit.

You are welcomed by the cushioned floor under your feet, calm and ready to be

Hidden Forest Yoga Studio Space

Studio Space

noticed by your eyes and by the whole of your being, as you will be using its surface to reach your dreams.

Your fingers reach for a yoga mat, as you are captivated by the streams of vitality all around you.

You are ready to be led in further through your mind​

Hidden Forest is  conveniently located in King City, close to Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughn, Richmond Hill, Nobbleton, Bradford, Holland Landing, etc.

Our Studio is located at Hidden Forest yoga Studio

300 Spruce Hill Rd.,

King City, Ontario

L7B 1A3

Our Phone: 416-277-5432

Our Email: info at snezha.com



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